Natural Language Processing - Improving the Customer Experience in Finance, Insurance, and Banking

Exploring the Current Capabilities of NLP & AI

Written in collaboration with Emerj, we discuss how cutting edge artificial intelligence can supercharge your customer support experience. Using next generation natural language processing, insurance firms, banks, and other financial institutions can optimize their customer support performance and better understand their customers’ needs and issues.

A large financial institution might receive millions of customer messages through online portals, and it can be impossible to read through all those messages manually to identify issues that customers are facing.

This white paper will break down how business leaders can garner hidden and critical insights from historical and real-time customer interactions using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies.

Business leaders will learn the range of capabilities of both NLP in finance today and what a particular vendor can offer. This report highlights the most common approaches to NLP software offered by vendors.

Discover how NLP is dynamically improving these key business functions and generating increased ROI for banks, insurance firms, and other financial institutions:

  • Customer Support
  • Customer Analytics
  • Document Search

Business leaders in finance will take away from this report:

  • How NLP technologies can greatly reduce the time, effort, and resources customer support teams spend on tickets.
  • How NLP software can categorize customer support interactions from text-based customer interacts of all kinds
  • How NLP software can uncover critical trends and patterns within text surveys to learn the most from each customer
  • How NLP is affecting brick-and-mortar banking today
  • The pitfalls new businesses encounter when establishing a machine learning system

This white paper will feature the expert insights from Peter Hoopes, VP WW Sales at Gamalon, Inc,. as well as a direct analyst breakdown of the current trends in finance that natural language processing is driving from Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research.